Monika Deupala

Up through the woods

The boot thud gets closer and louder. He hears the keys clanking on the kitchen door. “Let’s go, boy!” 

He lit his sparkled doe eyes and wails its furry tail. It’s another Wednesday morning when Harley, a retriever gets to go on a hike around Dundonald Castle. He puts his head high as Alan puts a collar around his neck. He jumps on the back seat and Alan puts on his seatbelt and starts the Porsche engine.

The journey for him filled with excitement as he barks to the herd of sheep in the farmland, and enjoys the sunbeam passing through the car window. After ten minutes of the ride, they reach the woods.  Harley speeds as if he’s competing with the passing wind. On the way, he greets his friends on a leash and waits for his human. He leads a way and keeps looking back at the sight of Alan. He runs up and down the hills, rolls around the muddy grass and jumps into creeks, and enjoys his natural bath.

Harley, named after a motorbike is very sociable. He greets every other wayfarer, sniffs their belongings, and wails his tail. On the way to the trial, they pass through the Collenon Reservoir where Alan prefers Harley be on a leash so that he won’t jump into the water to swans or across the fence to the sheep. They sit for a while to enjoy the view.

As Alan stands, Harley nods to go back. Both of them walk back to the parking lot.