Monika Deupala

Not the twins

Matching coats, Afro braids, Matching backpacks, boots, and even water bottles, most people confuse them for twins. With their names Tryphena and Tryphosa, it gets even worse. These two sisters flew from Ghana to Scotland to make their future better, they have been together since they were pairs of tots.

Phosa in Ghanian means “luxurious” while Phena means “fragile” which quite matches their traits. Phosa being the youngest of all siblings and daddy’s little girl has a goofy personality while Phena is calm and content. The commonality; they are free birds seeking chances in life to make it better and worth living it.

More than siblings, they are friends in a distant land and their only family to each other. They share a double attic room where they spend most of their time working on their school works and relaxing. While Phena cooks, Phosa makes sure everything is clean. Most of the amenities in their space seem twinning, from a couch facing each other to a set of perfumes in their bathroom. The ambiance clearly states how they are different from each other and yet connected in every possible way.

While they chat with their families on their phones every other hour, from sharing everyday gossip with the eldest one to sending kisses and emojis to the father, they held hands with each other in laughter and cries.