Monika Deupala

Photographer, journalist, visual artist, and media student, Monika Deupala belongs to a new generation of visual artists exploring her limits through various mediums of storytelling.

Based in Nepal, she started her career in mainstream journalism in 2018, just after she completed her Bachelors’ in Media Studies from Kathmandu University, her work has been published mostly in online and printed versions of Nepal’s top English weekly paper “Nepali Times”. In 2019, she started working as a stringer for Reuters as a photojournalist which opened her further endeavors to get her photo published on international platforms. Her work reflects her love of human interest stories and the touch of minimalist tactics.

At present, she is a post-grad student of Creative Media Practice at the University of the West of Scotland, Ayr Campus.

If you have any queries or interested in her works, then you can kindly contact her here. You can also reach her out through the social media links below.